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Japan Market Entry

Support the initial phase of advancing into Japan

We serve a one-stop service related to business development of IT/mobile/digital contents in Japan. Since we have Chinese/Korean-speaking staffs, if you need to communicate in Chinese/Korean, of course we could support for you. We also could give some advices of M&A or business partnership in Japan to get your business on the track. We would support your business development in Japan in all phases.

Mainland China

Difficult to make in China, is that true?

The companies that have succeeded in China Internet/mobile markets have some common points. Thorough localization of products or services, ensure advisors to grasp Chinese commercial practices, and deep understanding of Chinese regulation can be mentioned as examples.
CLARA has been involved in China Internet market since 2006. We can support companies to get succeed in China market as a pilot based on our experiences of not only server operation but also China business.


Taiwan could be a market and a solution.

CLARA has started business in Taiwan since 2004. Currently we deploy services through CLARA ONLINE Taiwan and Cloudmax. Taiwan is a mature market and a friendly country toward Japan. That’s why a lot of Japanese companies have advanced in Taiwan as a first step of the expansion into Greater China. CLARA ONLINE Taiwan offers business advisory consulting to Japanese companies and Cloudmax offers cloud service and marketing service.
In 2014, we set up a business partnership with CTBC Bank, a largest commercial bank in Taiwan, and have strengthened our business advisory service.


CLARA knows ASEAN market

ASEAN, where has more than 600 million people and which GDP is one third of Japan, is estimated as one of the promising market. The rapid popularization of the smartphones makes ASEAN positioned as a third mobile app market following Greater China and Korea.
CLARA has expanded Internet business rooted in Singapore, ASEAN. Our background is as below.
2006 - Entry into the server hosting business in Singapore
2013 - Establish “FullRoute” as a joint venture with BIGLOBE Inc.
2014 - Set up a business partnership with Exabytes, a largest server hosting company in Malaysia


The partner is very important for the challenge to mature markets

CLARA ONLINE Korea, which is 100% subsidiary, is a servicer of not only datacenter service in Soul but also publishing and operation support of mobile game. Korea is one of the leading country in Broadband Internet access. The high-speed communication network is widely spreading and the demand of information communication environment level is getting higher. We could help your advance to Korea market with Seoul datacenter for digital contents distribution and delivery support of mobile contents.

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