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Support Policy

This section is an explanation of the Clara Online support policy.


When you contact us please make sure to give your account information including customer number and the contact person's phone number, email address, contract service name, hostname and ip address.

Necessary information for inquiries

Necessary information for inquiries

Support Service included in contract (free)

Server reboot

During business hours
(Weekdays 10:00-18:00 JST, excluding public holidays)
We aim to perform reboots in 15-45 minutes after we receive your email or phone call. This may, however, take longer depending on our datacenter ticket load.
Outside business hours
(Weekdays 18:00-10:00 JST and weekends)
We will reboot your server after we receive your request. This may take longer than during business hours.
Outage support
We will take action within 24 hours of a server outage, regardless of the time of day. We monitor servers with ping and reboot them in the case of being unable to ping the server.

Server reboot request


All emails will be answered during business hours. If you need to reboot your server immediately, please use the above form.

Server outage

Affected functionality CPU, memory, network card, hard disk, power-supply unit, motherboard
Outage support In the event of hardware failure, we will replace the hardware free of charge. In particular, if the hard disk ceases to function normally, we will prepare a replacement server with a clean OS install to allow you to migrate to the new server. Hardware replacement and server replacements will be carried out during business hours (Weekdays 10:00-18:00 JST, excluding public holidays) after consulting with you about a suitable time. Please note that lost data will not be recovered with hardware replacement.

OS reinstall due to unauthorized access

We will reinstall your OS and restore to factory settings in the case of data loss, server outage, third party attacks or illegal phishing attacks resulting from unauthorized access.

Affected target Server which has been accessed without authorization
Supported To prevent repeat episodes, we will shutdown the server as an emergency measure. We will then reinstall the OS and restore to factory settings within business hours. Please note that in such cases, we cannot guarantee data integrity or recovery of your previous configuration.
Not supported If the unauthorized access was caused by software you installed on the server, we will carry out the OS reinstall for a fee (VPS/FPS/Flex Mini: 10,000 JPY, Dedicated Server 31,500 JPY).

Lifting port/firewall access restrictions

At Clara Online we restrict SSH and FTP external access. We will set access permissions based on your instructions which you will give us prior to the server install. To change or add to the access restrictions, please contact us at [email protected]

Pay-for support

OS reinstall because of configuration mistake

If access to the server from outside is no longer possible because of a mistake you made while configuring your server then an OS reinstall is necessary. If you make a mistake which causes you to be unable to access the server from outside we will perform an OS reinstall for a fee (VPS/FPS/Flex Mini: 10,000 JPY, Dedicated Server 31,500 JPY). We will do the OS reinstall for free in the case of data loss or server outages resulting from unauthorized access.

Software install

In most cases, software installs after server delivery will cost a fee. For more details, please look over the service options available.

Software upgrade

At the time of server delivery, the software on your OS will be provided in the most stable versions available. For software that is no longer the latest version, after receiving your permission and agreement of responsiblity, we will upgrade the software for a fee. Software upgrades are performed within business hours.

Not Supported

At Clara Online, we ask you to take responsibility for all software, usage methods and troubleshooting for all server settings beyond the scope of the original install.Generally we do not provide support for how to use software or modify configurations etc, but please check our FAQs.

Supported software PHP, CGI, Ruby, MYSQL, PostgreSQL, BIND
Unsupported software Software installed by you (Movable Type web applications and other software etc)

* For troubleshooting problems such as software defects, email account settings please try to work out the solution yourself by reading our FAQs ( and other online material elsewhere. We cannot provide technical support for problems that are beyond the scope of our service.

Data restore from hard disk

In the event of hard disk failure we replace your hardware. We do not restore your data. You will have to restore the data yourself.

Instructions on how to use your server or server software

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide advice on how to use your server's OS or software, whether installed by us or by you. We have provided some information in our FAQ. Please refer to it and other sources on the internet to solve your problem.

Multiple domain settings, email address configuration

Please configure multiple domain settings/new email address settings (for Plesk etc) yourselves and rememeber that you are responsible for the consequences.

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