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Payment Methods

All charges are shown in Japanese Yen (JPY). Clara Online accepts the following payment methods.

VISA, MasterCard, JCB, PayPal, Bank Wire Transfer (TT/Remittance)
Note: Customer pays the remittance fee.

Some international credit cards may not be accepted by our Payment gateway provider.
Please contact our sales representative for more information.

VISA,  MasterCard, JCB, PayPal, Bank Wire Transfer (TT/Remittance)

About renewal

Renewals take place automatically unless you give us notice of cancellation (1 month in advance). Renewal payments made by credit card automatically take place at the end of the last month of the current contract period.

Example: The server is delivered on June 5th with a 3 month contractual period. The month of June is waived so you are invoiced for July, August and September. The renewal payment is made at the end of September.

Renewals made by wire transfer also fall at the end of the last month of the contract. In this case, however, we send you the invoice one month in advance of the due date so that you have enough time to make arrangements to pay. Because international wire transfers can take a long time, we recommend that you make preparations well in advance of the due date.

For PayPal renewals, we will also send an invoice ahead of time with the payment amount, deadline and our PayPal account information included.

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