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Q: Where are you located?
A: Our head office is located in Minato-ku, Tokyo.
Q: How long have you been in business?
A: We have been in business since 1997.
Q: Do you provide dedicated servers to customers outside of Japan?
A: Yes. We have many international customers who operate outside of Japan. There are no restrictions on business location.
Q: In what locations do you offer hosting services?
A: We currently offer hosting solutions in Japan (Tokyo, Nagoya), Taiwan, Singapore and China (Beijing, Shanghai).


Q: What is the delivery time to set up a server?
A: It depends on the service, but servers are generally delivered within 5 days. Special orders outside our normal lineup may take longer. If you require a shorter delivery time, please contact one of our service representatives.
Q: How do I order?
A: Contact us using the contact form or send an email to One of our sales representatives will contact you shortly.
Q: How do you calculate the bandwidth traffic?
A: We use 95th percentile billing and give quotations in Mbps rather than traffic amounts. Though not entirely equivalent, 1Mbps is roughly equal to 300GB/month. Find out more here.
Q: How do I check my traffic usage?
A: We currently have no real-time interface for measuring bandwidth traffic. You can set this up on your server yourself if you know how to monitor it with some tools. Please contact us for more information.
Q: Are there overage charges if I exceed my bandwidth limit?
A: Yes, you will be charged. Please contact our service representatives for price details.
Q: Do you provide managed dedicated servers?
A: As we sell at a wholesale price, our servers are unmanaged. Furthermore, resellers are required to manage their server properly to avoid abuse of security vulnerabilities etc.
Q: Do you allow adult content?
A: Clara Online forbids all adult content. Needless to say, we also prohibit any content which is in conflict with Japanese law.
Q: What is the minimum contract length?
A: In most cases the minimum contract length is 3 months.
Q: Where can I see your SLA?
A: You can find our Service Level Agreement here.
Q: I want to cancel my contract. What should I do?
A: Please refer to our Cancellations Policy and contact one of our service representatives.


Q: How are renewals handled?
A: Renewals take place automatically unless you give us notice of cancellation (1 month in advance). Renewal payments made by credit card automatically take place at the end of the last month of the current contract period.

Example: The server is delivered on June 5th with a 3 month contractual period. The month of June is waived so you are invoiced for July, August and September. The renewal payment is made at the end of September.

Renewals made by wire transfer also fall at the end of the last month of the contract. In this case, however, we send you the invoice one month in advance of the due date so that you have enough time to make arrangements to pay. Because international wire transfers can take a long time, we recommend that you make preparations well in advance of the due date.
Q: Can I get a paper invoice?
A: Clara Online does not send paper invoices to customers. Instead, we send invoices by email. You can request past invoices at any time. If you really need a paper invoice, we can issue one but please note that we charge 500 JPY per sheet requested.
Q: Can I pay an order by PayPal or Western Union?
A: We accept PayPal, major credit cards and wire transfers for payments. Unfortunately, we do not currently offer Wester Union at this time. See Payment Methods for more details.
Q: Do you accept payment in major foreign currencies such as US Dollars or Euros?
A: Due to currency risk we normally only accept Japanese yen (JPY) but we will consider other currencies for larger orders.
Q: Do your quoted prices include taxes?
A: Our quoted prices do not include taxes if you are outside Japan.


Q: Do you have a test IP?
A: Sure. Please get in touch and we will send you one.
Q: Can you offer us a test server to use?
A: Absolutely! Contact us in advance with your requirements and we will get back to you.
Q: How many IPs come with a dedicated server?
A: You are given one IP for each dedicated server. Additional IPs cost 1,050 JPY each per month with an additional 5,250 JPY setup fee if the IPs are added after server delivery. There is no setup fee if the additional IPs are added at the same time as server delivery.
Q: Do your servers have physical RAID configuration?
A: Most of our server plans include physical RAID. For more details, please refer to our dedicated server plans.
Q: What kind of remote control panel do you offer?
A: You can choose between Plesk and Webmin.
Q: Where are your datacenters? Can you tell us their names and locations? What Tier are they?
A: We have datacenters in Japan (Tokyo, Nagoya), Taiwan, Singapore and China (Beijing, Shanghai). To protect confidentiality, we are only able to disclose the details to current customers.
Q: Can I customize a Server/Network Topology?
A: If you have a contract with multiple units of servers, you can customize your network topology. However, an additional fee may be required. Please ask one of our sales representatives in advance if you would like to customize.
Q: Can I use a different OS to those in your lineup?
A: If you are able to install the OS yourself this should be possible. Please contact us with your inquiry. However, please note that we do not provide support for old operating systems which are near, or at the end of their lifespan.
Q: I want Clara Online to reboot my server. How can I request this?
A: Please fill out the Emergency Contact Form (URL: with all the required details. After we have received your request, we will reboot the server as soon as possible.

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